May 18, 2017 Patricia Maroday

10 Great Features Your Website Needs

The form and functionality of a website are critical to how your users respond to your products. Whether they require a custom shopping experience or an intuitive display, we are experts at making your business concepts work for you online

1. Websites designed for Mobile

People are viewing your site on mobile devices right now. A lot of them. Mobiles and tablets make up 51% of U.S. time online , with a growing Latin American market enjoys almost 8% in a rapidly expanding market. If your website is online and incompatible with mobile platforms, you’re losing hundreds of millions of potential customers.

2. Easy to Use Backend.

Please don’t snigger. This is one of the most vital pieces of your site, the bit where you plug in your content, make tweaks, and run your ecommerce. We’ve made it simple, to help you tinker productively and effectively. If you can’t make heads or tails of it, simply call us and we’ll help out at any time.

3. Unique Design Every Time

You have unique needs. You need a unique site. Cookie cutter websites look nice but they simply don’t convert browsers into buyers. Design builds a platform which your users jump into and want to return to, while allowing you the flexibility to adapt for the future.

4. SEO & SEM Optimized Websites

Two key components of being found in organic search by your intended audience, SEO and SEM keep you ahead and above the competition. Building these features into your website from the beginning make a colossal difference, removing the obstacles which stop you getting found.

5. Multimedia Support:

Want to play your videos? Get involved in social media sharing? Support galleries for products or pages? Multimedia support provides you with the ability to do all of this, seamlessly and efficiently.

6. Blog, blog, blog.

You’ve created a website designed for search and it has made a splash straight away! Congratulations… but wait! Your traffic is tailing off a couple of months later? What could have happened? Your old content is fantastic but to survive and rank in an internet filled with relevant content, your blog is your lifeline and the foundation of your SEO strategy. Get writing and get found.

7. Multilingual Websites

Being browsed in one language is powerful… so imagine being able to cater to 2 languages! 3 or 4? A dozen? Improve your odds of being found in different territories by offering your site in multiple languages.

8. Customizable Forms

You need information as much as you need sales. Data about your users is integral to the success of your business and if they’re inputting it themselves it’s even more valuable. Customizable content forms allow you to offer users the experience they need, allowing them to spend more money and time with you. Making it easy for you is just the icing on the cake.

9. Product Catalogue and Online Quotes System

If you’re serious about selling large amounts of products or services, you’ll need ecommerce. Our simple ecommerce platform removes the sting of implementation and integration, providing you with secure databases and unbreakable payment gateways. Remember that payment is the most important stage of your site’s sales flow. We craft it in line with the most effective design pattern, to help make you money!

10. Social Media Friendly

It’s on everyone’s lips. Let’s talk about it how it’ll make you money and get people advertising on your behalf. If your audience are sharing your products and content, they’re broadcasting on your behalf. Help them out! Make sure all of your products, posts, and pages are simple to share and utilize your audience’s loyalty.

Patricia Maroday

I'm Mercabuzz’s co-founder and enthusiastic team member. I have worked as a Latin American Business Development manager in Europe and USA. Additionally, I have over 10 years of marketing experience specialising on the Hispanic and Spanish speaking markets. In my spare time, I love to blog, travel and do yoga.